About the App

Footprint is a general purpose tracking assistant application that allows users to track any type of records, whenever and wherever.
You can post status or ask status using the application whether for personal, project, professional or business purposes.

History - 2018

Footprint was built from the idea of a simple Document Tracer System back in the year 2018 for a local government unit.

Document Tracer System

With footprint, you can create multiple projects targeting different types of purpose all in one application. You can also use the app to collaborate with your team or department and external or 3rd party organizations.

Footprint allows users from professionals to businesses of any size to uniquely track their records in a single application real time and everywhere.
We offer affordable premium plans depending on your needs. You can start with our free account. :)
We also offer enterprise plan for a dedicated instance of the application where one can create unlimited projects and trackers.

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